Women's Red Stylish Leather Jacket

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Product Detail

Color: The jacket is a rich, bold red color that exudes confidence and style. The lambskin leather has a natural, slightly distressed finish that adds depth and character to the overall design.

Material: The jacket is made from high-quality, genuine lambskin leather, which is known for its softness, suppleness, and luxurious feel. The lambskin leather is a byproduct of the sheep industry and is often used in high-end fashion and accessories.

Style: The jacket is a slim-fit biker motorcycle style, with a modern twist. The cut is designed to fit closely around the body, accentuating the curves and creating a flattering silhouette. The jacket features a sleek, streamlined design with a fitted waist and flared sleeves.

Features: The jacket includes several distinctive features that make it a standout piece:

  • A slim-fit design with a fitted waist and flared sleeves
  • A zip-front closure with a metal zipper and rivets
  • Two side pockets with metal clasps and zip closures
  • A detachable collar with a snap button closure
  • Adjustable cuffs with snap buttons
  • A durable, heavy-duty chain stitched construction

Size and Fit: The jacket is designed to fit comfortably around the body, with a relaxed silhouette that skims the curves. The size options range from XS to XL, ensuring that there’s something for every body type.

Occasions: This Leather Gallery Women’s Lambskin Genuine Red Leather Jacket is perfect for:

  • Everyday wear
  • Casual gatherings or outings
  • Biker or motorcycle events
  • Themed parties or costume events
  • Even as a statement piece for a night out on the town!

Overall: The Leather Gallery Women’s Lambskin Genuine Red Leather Jacket is a stunning piece of fashion that exudes confidence and sophistication. The combination of high-quality lambskin leather and sleek design makes it perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement with their fashion choices.

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